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Below are many images/drawings/paintings of artists from here, showing their amazing and beautiful work.

I had these here last time I had premium Membership. I have just today (18-3-15), bought more, so here they are again, plus some new ones faves. :-) :thanks: to all. :heart:

Feature Of Fav's 5

Much Love by SpaceRenegade101Stop bullying! by Joshua-The-Small-One
:thumb545823597:Chinese Proverb - There is a door to Paradise... by Leafeo
Summer Flight by George---Kirk Everyone Has... ParasitesInside my smile lives agony,
Beneath that laugh dwells my torment,
Those secrets which accompany,
A hurt that won't relent...

When Sadness Surrounds Your Heart by sesam-is-open
Wastwater by newcastlemaleCome Back To Me by Dmaghar
i hold on to you by xChristina27xTangled Seeds by sags
i'll never give up till i die by ateist-klerantyMy Heart for You by MirachRavaia
No Regrets by xlivethelyricsxThe Moon by newcastlemale
In Love by WhiteBookForever is Forever by LUCILALEYLA
Fahren Sie geradeaus. by secludedspaceField of Dreams by BrightStar2
Ruins near the sea 2 by ShlomitMessica240 Thousand Miles From the Moon by BrightStar2
Open My Heart To You by sesam-is-open1215 by KariLiimatainen
* by agatafotografiaMissing You by Arte-de-Junqueiro
Strength of Angels by BrightStar2Unclean by darkdex52
Noche Bohemia by LUCILALEYLA
The Hardest Words To Say by BrightStar2I fell apart, but I got back up again ! by whisperVeronika
TULIPES  NOIRES  (PRINTEMPS 2013 13) by BELLESYMPHORINEWe Sat On Benches And Were Lonely No More by 33M

Missing you by HeylormammySverige 2012 - Smygehuk by 51ststate
Under The Cover Of Love by JustinDeRosaI believe in you by aoao2
Mocha Ware by sags
Open your eyes by RiverHavokThe Memory Remains II by MyLifeThroughTheLens
Memory by RiverHavokOne and only by RiverHavok
Kept by the wayside by RiverHavoki miss you by RiverHavok
Mediterranean view by Marianna60A new perspective by Marianna60
Night views in winter by KariLiimatainenDunstanburgh Seascape by newcastlemale
:thumb346831698:3354 by KariLiimatainen
Ladybird by nick-adcock95
Ladybird by nick-adcock95:thumb346853566:
f a d i n g by creativemikeyGift of Love by creativemikey
our hearts speak in silence by PsycheAnamnesisBirds of a Bird Cage (Part 7.5) by orisacesoftworks
ROSE 24 by BELLESYMPHORINELove Is The Road That Never Ends by JustinDeRosaRoses for Kate by ShlomitMessica
Fading Lines by CanadianRyA sunny glory Dec morning In Ystad 2012. by secludedspace
Living Art by veeegeeeRain drops by daianaramona
Zaertlichkeit by FurImmerUndEwig For all eternity by KDMB

Hope Is Always There by Speck2A Different Path by JustinDeRosa

Birds of a Bird Cage (Promotional 2) by orisacesoftworksLove Is an Energy..Thousand Kisses Deep by BrightStar2

what s the matter,  beware by KariLiimatainenElectric by lostknightkg
Perfect Gold by darkdex52:thumb338546349:
Somewhere by sesam-is-openScorpion weed by Speck2Golden Light by focusgallery
river view .. by KariLiimatainenPrisoner of Time by lostknightkg
ying yang by whisperVeronikaStand By Me by EintoeRn
peace and love by jyoujoa paper boat by jyoujo
deep down by WhoAreYou1978
:thumb332074594:Beautiful Rose's by BrightStar2sakura dreams by jyoujo
The Light at the End of the Tunnel by InsideHerselftrains by InsideHerselfGimme Shelter by Clash-in-the-Night
Forever is Tomorrow is Today by catch---22Follow The Sun by catch---22central london again by NIGHTANGEL117
Angry Clouds and Waves by Marilyn958A Flower by secludedspace:thumb317728381:
That one day by moonstarxxBlue Rose for a Princess by orisacesoftworkscave of wonders by mj-magic
tyne bridges by WhoAreYou1978olympic bridge by WhoAreYou1978
:thumb64333184: Retired Railway by secludedspaceRiver rambling.... by KDMB
rising bridge by WhoAreYou1978millennium bridge by WhoAreYou1978:thumb304072604:
Night Rose by lostknightkgTo Relive a Dream by BrightStar2
:thumb313116722: :thumb313838834:THE PERFECT STORM by Vaskerville
Harder to see, easier to breathe. by chaoticscreamss After all this time... Always by arualcatFull Moon over Forest III by KariLiimatainen
White Dance by UniversalOpera:thumb309926433:Decrepitude by surrealistic-gloom
a little too much water shot 4 by SmellzLikeRosesWet n Wild by SmellzLikeRoses
Good morning by MadWoman91There's a place by milenkadelic
Your hand in my... by MadWoman91 sweet memory by MadWoman91Gipsy by MadWoman91
Mediterranean... by MadWoman91 beacon by MadWoman91Judge not by lostknightkg
I Miss You by ozonablue :thumb306312678:
Invitation In My Heart by sesam-is-open Natures Velcro by steverankin cloud by xMrJuliettEx
Photography  - Waterscapes by secludedspaceScarlet Jungle by UniversalOpera
The End of Days by BusterBrownBB Beautiful pool 2 by ShlomitMessicaVeggy Vortex by awesome43
Before It's Too Late by JustinDeRosa Last West Mabou Sunset by steverankin Heaven is a place on earth by BusterBrownBB
Norham Castle by newcastlemale Golden Quintet by sesam-is-openTULIPE by BELLESYMPHORINE By Your Side by JustinDeRosa The gate by Marianna60
Chatham Bell Tower by Kaptured-by-Kirsty PETUNIA BLANC by BELLESYMPHORINE
Where The Sidewalk Ends by catch---22 Amber Autumn by Oer-WoutReason to Believe by Oer-Wout
:thumb304072604: Better Days Ahead for Jocelyne by GypsyH Last Light Standing by biencutza
Wroclaw at night by drangnel reflection by drangnel dark clouds above old station by drangnel Evening Fire by Speck2:thumb298955541:
As the Sun Sets by UniversalOperaMain Road Underpass by BusterBrownBB another snow balls by Daisystar6 Orange Sun by UniversalOpera FLOWERS by Vaskerville Dare by Oer-Wout
Gate by drangnel sunset 2 by drangnel Abandoned Jehovah House by steverankin
Cholla Flower by Speck2
:thumb303055616: Streaks of Light by UniversalOpera Blood Red by Tailgun2009
imaginary path by drangnel Apple Blossom by steverankin
the new portal? by N-B-R-artwork My Point of View 2 by GrotesqueDarling13Bug view 2 by candysamuels
Mini flakes by gigi50 Purple reflect on Prinsengracht by Momotte2

Feature Of Fav's 4.

:thumb297480447: Pretty Sunset by GypsyMinxThere For You. by DarkRose10
Under the bridge of sighs by BusterBrownBB 5548 by KariLiimatainen
Flower(s)_3 by MyLifeInFocus
Rocks Sea and Pond by steverankin Bridge of Sighs by calenheniel
Stop in Time by MyLifeInFocus
Purple Bells by UniversalOpera Tulip by Softspoken-One
The Great Pull -take 3- by calenheniel River Bend Again by MyLifeInFocus
On a lonely hill stands a lonely tree by BusterBrownBB :thumb302675278:
Sunset by steverankin
:thumb298351876: Alpine Columbine on the Rain by JocelyneR
Magenta by UniversalOpera fishing Boats by newcastlemale
6587 by KariLiimatainen
Apple tree blossoms by ShlomitMessica Innocent by AljoschaThielen
An Old Mausoleum by JocelyneR Warkworth Castle 9 by newcastlemale

Shambles, York by Cellarvee See The Song by theartstudiobymarkmo
I know how it feels by G9studios NIGHT FALL V by Vaskerville
Palais by focusgallery Nostalgia by Battle-for-the-Sun
Spotted Mangrove Hand by tablelander Design- Springtime Gothic by avi17
Twisted Tree and Pine by tablelander Enshrouded by tablelander
Stories to Tell by IsacGoulart :thumb295856864:
A Journey's End by tubbums32
cornflowers 45 by pledent Waiting for you by ShlomitMessica
Jaws Dorsal Fin by tablelander
Let Your Pain Feel My Sorrow by sesam-is-open Time Stands Still by JustinDeRosa
:thumb292906737: :thumb297398322:
Two Broken Hearts by sesam-is-open England in colour 1 by sleepielion
:thumb297391282: All my love by EliseEnchanted
Bleeding Heart by yzzil123 Literary Goldmine by Celestial22
Macro Nature 5 by soso0197 Sunset by yzzil123
haunted house in the tress by WhoAreYou1978 My italian love by Al-Hattal
Swirling to the Center by UniversalOpera Three boats by Marianna60
Four by yzzil123 Against the Backdrop of Decay by Celestial22
Under the bridge of sighs by BusterBrownBB Earth,Wind and Fire by sesam-is-open
telegraph road by WhoAreYou1978 please throw that stick for me by WhoAreYou1978
Flower by Al-Hattal
Never Is Too Late by sesam-is-open tomorrow never comes  II. by arbebuk
:597: by 8o-clock
A world of our own by Heylormammy Alnwick Castle by newcastlemale
Looks Like Fabric by UniversalOpera The Bridge by Marianna60
stop staring at me by WhoAreYou1978 Through the Rear View Mirror by Celestial22
Gonna try to make it one more Spring - Barn HW 411 by CrystalMarineGallery Silhouettes at Sundown No. 1 by somatik

Feature Of Fav's 3.

. Distance doesn't matter by Nonnetta
never look down on someone... by Shutter-Shooter Rising to the Sky by UniversalOpera
Precious by sesam-is-open d r e a m s c a p e by SaphoPhotographics
Late Morning Dew by ForeRunnerOfAutumn .:Melbourne Sunset:. by Ebony-leigh
:thumb281761472: :thumb292909459:
no greater pain by MalvaAlcea
Hummingbirds 3 by CelerisSagittaLet your beauty shine. by chaoticscreamss
Two striped bugs by WallowingInSorrow Tango by sesam-is-open
Be kind by GOHIBI Keep your head up, by chaoticscreamss
Heartshaped Cherrys_ by JulisScarlet aww by SuicidalZombieChica
Tree of Angkor by WallowingInSorrow Oh sweet love. by chaoticscreamss
The old place by BusterBrownBB Sneaky by UniversalOpera
wooden art by WhoAreYou1978 Elegance by tubbums32
Is it really just a light? by Fury7 Fog on the valley by ShlomitMessica
Striped Shieldbug by WallowingInSorrow The chair by Marianna60
First spring flowers by ShlomitMessica Lonely by sesam-is-open
past memories..... by addy-ack On our road by ShlomitMessica
:thumb280759556: The invisible watcher by Marianna60
Flores XXXVI by maibanez :thumb286513365:
Over the Cliffs by tubbums32 The old place by BusterBrownBB
Mill by FrankLoc Good Morning !! by Speck2
Warm Coffee by UniversalOpera Anemones 5 by ShlomitMessica
You can do anything. by chaoticscreamss autism by berkozturk
MISTER MILLER 1 by burnybratt some old punt by awjay
Sunflowers by OrangeoO parallell universe by awjay
Ukulele by CelerisSagitta Serenity by sesam-is-open
Archimedes... by TheBaldingOne reach out by awjay
Berries by UniversalOpera I sassi di Matera (Italy) by Marianna60
every mile is two in winter. by WhoAreYou1978 The old place by BusterBrownBB
Ulivi by Marianna60 Winter sunset by Fra-Emer
Bee by UniversalOpera :thumb287053076:
:thumb287035042: Old Mill at Tarleton by Softspoken-One
Park Waterfall by Softspoken-One A Rose in Winter by Softspoken-One
Good Evening ! by Speck2 :thumb251117987:
:thumb287063350: :thumb289539140:

Feature Of Fav's 2

Hello. by behindinfinity

Be Gentle With My Heart by sesam-is-open

walking out to sea by WhoAreYou1978 Winter sunset by ShlomitMessica

Corners of the sleeping city by A-Z1991 creepy canal by awjay

:thumb64300670: :thumb64333184:

Beware the Icicle by KariLiimatainen backyard on a winter night by KariLiimatainen


Special Allure by sesam-is-open Winter sunset 4 by ShlomitMessica

Schwarzenberska Hrobka by pingallery The Castle of Lednice I by pingallery

strong tide. 1 by WhoAreYou1978 Freeze time by EliseEnchanted

fort by awjay :thumb272421136:

:thumb281485980: Beauty everywhere. by chaoticscreamss

Untitled Typewriter Keys Photo by UniversalOpera Water Fountain by UniversalOpera

Alley of lost dreams by di3ggo :thumb259647120:

Kiss The Breeze by JustinDeRosa :thumb272947277:

Shadow of the Seagull55 by blueMALOU

Blood Red Bolts by FramedByNature red head by WhoAreYou1978

canal living by awjay Rite of passage by lostknightkg

Park lampost by lostknightkg Sun down, storm out. by chaoticscreamss

glass mountain by WhoAreYou1978 Traffic Jam by 51ststate

Bregenz Head-Opera by blueMALOU

things by wolfnotbroken

Feature Of Fav's 1

Sycamore Gap by newcastlemale

Wintersun 2 by Softspoken-One Blue Swirl by UniversalOpera


Tranquility by milenkadelic bridge work by awjay

..:.Die Magie der Natur II.:.. by DeathxFairy

Lanterns and trees by saltov-man After the rain by Wintfox

..:.Geh' weiter II.:.. by DeathxFairy

Entrance by saltov-man Forest by EweMetalFreak

Calm Venetian River by MattEdson

Autumn Shelter by Softspoken-One :thumb284295426:

ozzy chilling by WhoAreYou1978

Sun and tracks by saltov-man Release Your Wishes Into The Wind by JustinDeRosa


sea landscape by kayla95photography welcome my dream world.. by KariLiimatainen

The Cherry Tree by MichaelMagin

Oh freedom by chaoticscreamss Winter wonderland by chaoticscreamss

Path of tears and smiles by Oer-Wout

Old Mill at Tarleton by Softspoken-One :thumb271509162:

Love in the Mist colour by newcastlemale

Be Gentle With My Heart by sesam-is-open Lampion plant by Betuwefotograaf

woodern luck by WhoAreYou1978

Precious time by Heylormammy I'm here by ROSETTEdeviant


Country life.... by Heylormammy Olympic Torch by BusterBrownBB


Long Time, No Sea III by Softspoken-One Fairy-Tale World by AljoschaThielen

Spikes by UniversalOpera

Path of tears and smiles by Oer-Wout Flight by With-Open-Eyes

6879 by KariLiimatainen

:thumb152163404: Double danse by ShlomitMessica

Tears For Ella by sesam-is-open

Holding On by JustinDeRosa Have You Seen Her by BusterBrownBB

Pearls by UniversalOpera

Communication by Softspoken-One Holding On by JustinDeRosa

Somewhere by sesam-is-open

:thumb155696140: mixed bunch by awjay

Choose by di3ggo

red story by Wintertale-eu Sweet Parma Violet by sesam-is-open



Artist | Varied
Let a Smile by KmyGraphic

Times change, so do we. by Michelleeanne

Please Note:
I don't do Facebook, Twitter etc., I have no interest in them or any need for it.

I never knew of DA until 2011, when told about it. I'd have been here a lot sooner otherwise.
Much Love by SpaceRenegade101

Been doing Photography since I was so inspired by someone close. He inspired me over 30 years ago.
My heart and Soul goes in to my Photography. I get emotional when I take shots.
I am so relaxed when out on a photographic day.
I never had a decent camera until more recently.

I want to get back into painting on Canvas too.
(Since writing this bit, I bought a few new materials for my Art work. I need more materials yet, mainly the different brushes I need, but it's been exciting to be having what was so vindictively taken from me years ago).

Still No Results From Hospital...

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2015, 4:29 PM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Take A Bow (Leona Lewis)
Facebook l Tumblr l Twitter l Hot Naked Photos of Me XXX l Services l FAQ l Gallery

Hi all.
I have been intouch with Hospital a few times.
Both Consultants have not yet received my results, due to the Lab being bogged down, so they are behind with everything.

They have so many things to analyse, so I do understand them being very behind.

However, it is also a strain, not knowing still, if I have Cancer or not.

I'm not great as it is now.

It is unsettling, but hopefully it won't be much longer now, before I find out.

I have had lovely messages and I thank you so much, with all my heart.

I am so happy to know you. :-)


CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck


Beauty Despite The Despair by Deviantinterested
Beauty Despite The Despair
Despite things not being so great now, at least when I see things like this, the beauty of nature gives me a smile. :heart:

Still No Results From Hospital...

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2015, 4:29 PM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Take A Bow (Leona Lewis)
Facebook l Tumblr l Twitter l Hot Naked Photos of Me XXX l Services l FAQ l Gallery

Hi all.
I have been intouch with Hospital a few times.
Both Consultants have not yet received my results, due to the Lab being bogged down, so they are behind with everything.

They have so many things to analyse, so I do understand them being very behind.

However, it is also a strain, not knowing still, if I have Cancer or not.

I'm not great as it is now.

It is unsettling, but hopefully it won't be much longer now, before I find out.

I have had lovely messages and I thank you so much, with all my heart.

I am so happy to know you. :-)


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Hospital Update.

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 25, 2015, 2:58 PM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Take A Bow (Leona Lewis)
Hello friends.

I had one of my procedures today, it was an MRI, to check if I have an Aneurysm or similar.

Then I have got two more procedures on Wednesday.
I just hope I'll be OK, I think it'll be alright.

I won't find out out the result of my MRI for 7-10 days, but I will know what's what with the other two procedures, on the same day.

Fingers crossed and thank you to all for faves, your lovely messages etc.

I am not feeling too well of late, although I still get to work, but I do need to pay bills and rent etc, but it means I am not up to being here much still.


I had my Colonoscopy first – in short, I have a Hiatus Hernia (not bleeding of lining of Stomach as my Specialist  initially thought).

I thought I would  have an ulcer at most and was OK with that, as would be able to have it sorted out probably.

 The process was painful and extremely uncomfortable and I am so useless when it comes to coping with things like that.  It took longer to do too, as my Colon has a number of loops in it, he said.

 Having gone through all that, it was then straight on to my gastroscopy…

Well, I was not able to stop gagging, then was sick and then gagging still and sick a couple more times.

It was because, when the Doctor put the Camera down my throat, he managed to only see down to my Oesophagus – the reason it was not possible to continue, down to my Duodenum, was because my Oesophagus is so inflamed from the acid refluxes and has narrowed.

 So, I now have to go back a week on Saturday to have the procedure done again, Doctor said to up my medication  each morning and don’t break off from them between now and when I go back, like I had to do up until today, as he needs them to reduce the inflammation, hopefully anyway.

I have no choice but to go through that one all over again, as he needs to get a biopsy from my Duoendum too. It means next time I will have to be Sedated to reduce the gagging.


I was so wobbly and shaken after all of that, it was awful.

Two friends were there waiting for me, so at least I had them there then, but not sure what’s happening when I go back on Saturday 7th Novemeber. It is not long away at all, am just so worried about that part.

 I knew there was a problem with my Oesophagus, I could feel it, but hoped it wouldn’t be confirmed.

Until I have it done again on 7th, I am not sure if anything can be done, but it is not looking too good at the moment.

 I will let you know after I have had it re-attempted and when I get my MRI results through too. Just hope I cope better next time.

 Thanks to you all again.

Much love. :heart: 


I had one of my procedures re-done on Saturday, as mentioned.
They were doing one Biopsy, but they found things in different parts, so they ended up doing 3 Biopsies to test for Cancer..

I am hopeful it isn't, but I won't know for 2 weeks, maybe a bit longer, because they are sent to a different Hospital, then because obviously my Consultant needs to review it all before seeing me again, it could take a bit longer I was informed.
Just a case of wait and see now.

There were a couple of other things too, but time will tell what can be done or not be done.

Will let you know more, after  I see my Consultant about what's what.

Thank you so much all. 
Much love.

'A Moment In My Life'. by Deviantinterested
'A Moment In My Life'.
I thought I had lost this and then found it again on a memory stick of mine, along with some of my other shots. Glad I looked.

This is one of my shots I took a year after a time that was extremely hard and very sad for me back then. It still had continued at the point I shot this too and has left a certain effect even now, almost 5 years on.
I was pushed and put through hell, due to being so lied to in a huge way and told massively serious things that I was so worried sick over, for that person - I could barely sleep, or eat for months and was ill for a long time because of that......

Now though, this image just means 'A Moment In My Life'
 somehow gives me a kind of peaceful feeling and right now, I need as many of those moments as possible, with going through Hospital things at the moment. 
For Who Are You1978 by Deviantinterested
For Who Are You1978
Literally, 2 seconds later and would not have even managed this shot. Lol
Angles etc., thrown out of the window, given that I only had just seconds to capture this.

Used Vignette for the edges. 


Hi Spiritofdarkness. :-)
Thu Jul 30, 2015, 4:13 AM
Fri Jul 17, 2015, 1:15 AM
:waves: Hello Katetrista. :-)
Sat Apr 18, 2015, 1:00 PM
Mon Apr 13, 2015, 12:34 AM
Now got this back on th ego too, since getting Premium again. ;-)
Wed Mar 18, 2015, 8:08 AM


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