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Some memories and thoughts of yester' year are so precious and beautiful to me - I won't ever let them go. :heart:Where We Were (thank you, regardless). by Deviantinterested
This image titled: Where We Were(thank you regardless:heart:)

The Hi Stamp by SailorSolar

Please note:
I am unable to submit to groups, I had to leave the groups I was with, not enough time to do them, essentially. Thank you for wanting me to join though. ;-)

I never knew of DA until 2011, when told about it. I'd have been here a lot sooner otherwise.

Been in to Photography since I was so inspired, over 30 years ago, by my 1st love.
I never had a decent camera until more recently. I deleted my older shots on here from my little camera (there were quite a lot), since buying my new pride and joy, that I finally could buy myself Dec' 2011 - my Canon. :-) Have also deleted many that I submitted from my Canon, but am submitting again.

With my Poetry - well, it's just something I have done for years also, but always just for me, not to show. Then I was talked in to submitting it on here, so I do.
My late 'Mum', well she wanted me to continue, so I do it for her now.
(Since writing this, I felt the need to delete my poetry that I had here, apart from some that I wrote on my images). There are also a few of same poems I wrote, with different images in others' fav's around DA, that I deleted from my gallery.
I am still writing, still also have a number to eventually add in time that I wrote over a few years..

I want to get back into painting on Canvas too, so much - money prevails for now though. I might just get back in to that and drawings again, once I get some money to afford all my equipment again.

Please Note:
I don't do Facebook, Twitter etc., I have no interest in them or any need for it.
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Hello all.
Sorry, I haven't been up to being here for a few months. 
Since my last journal, well...too much going on.
I still do not know when I can properly be here.

I managed to have a day visit to Ostende recently though. I needed to have a little break. Went via The Channel Tunnel. Was a spur of the moment thing and was good to have done that. 

Anyway, last night I had an amazing strong feeling in me to go to an Art shop and make a start with buying material again.
Some of you know I had all my Art equipment, paintings/drawings etc, destroyed.
For many years it took away my feeling to draw/paint anymore.
This morning the feeling to go & buy some bits, was even stronger.
I am off work this week and next week, so I took a little journey to a lovely Art Shop and bought some materials today.
It felt so good. Bought Acrylics, Canvas sheets  (for now) & a few other bits. Never painted with Acrylics before, only Oils on canvas.
Next week I can hopefully make a start with painting something.

I've been looking forward to this again, for a while. I'll buy more things I need over the next few weeks. So happy to be in that shop today. :-)
Just for a while, I could forget...

I love Art/Photography so much.
I have got some new shots to submit. 
Thank you all for your fav's & your lovely messages again.

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shap aholic
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Deviantinterested Featured By Owner 5 hours ago   General Artist
:nod: Usually more than enough to keep me going.
Glad you are well. :hug:
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Ok... Hi Devi! :wave: :)
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